Borderline Taco is a fictional taco truck business in the historic Fort Sanders neighborhood of Knoxville. It's hours of operation are from 11-4 am, when it would cruise through the Fort catering to the growling stomachs of drunk college students.  The menu is very simple: tacos, burgers, hotdogs, and french fries.

This concept was an opportunity to poke fun at americanized hispanic food vendors and playfully challenge the patriotism (or even nationalism) that is often involved in the illegal immigration debate.  

I created a series of designs for Borderline Taco, including: logo, business card, letterhead, rap song, promotional video ad, and a mobile app.


Business Card

primary audience

Drunk college students in the Fort Sanders neighborhood.

Secondary Audience

Game-day crowds & partying weekend visitors.

Tertiary audience

Anyone in the Fort and hungry for tacos!



Competitive audit

There are no food vendors that would be directly in competition with Borderline Taco.  There are no food trucks in the Fort Sanders area and they are scarce in the city of Knoxville in general.

The biggest competitors would be Jimmy Johns, Cook Out, Gus's Good Times Deli and Oscar's.  But Borderline Taco easily has the upper hand, considering it would ideally travel to locations in shorter walking distance than any of the other options. Also, it serves cheap, fried food, something places like Jimmy Johns do not offer. And waiting for restaurants like Gus's and Oscar's to deliver can be a drag. The Borderline Taco truck will be on your block before you realize you're hungry.



The primary purpose of this app is to help the truck determine where the hungry customers are, and for the hungry customers to find out where the truck is.


  • See GPS location of where truck is located.
  • Up-vote blocks of streets to democratically decide where the truck goes next.
  • See how many votes each street has.
  • View the menu.
  • Countdown to location change.
  • Notifications when the truck is in your area.



Promotional Rap Video

Lyrics, instrumental, video, and set design by Michael McAdams.  Filmed by Kegan Bryant.