animated series concept


Who is fortbear?

In the summer of 2012 a bear was sighted in the Fort Sanders neighborhood of Knoxville.  It was tranquilized, captured, and relocated...  But what if it wasn't?  What if, the bear stayed and level left the Fort? 

The fort.

The Fort is populated with a diverse group of characters: fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, artists, young alcoholics, spoiled college students, young adults working their way through school, drug dealers, hula hoopers, etc.  Fortbear has adapted to this zany culture and left his animal instincts behind... or has he?


target audience

Young adults with a crude sense of humor.


What does Fortbear have to offer?

In a generally conservative part of the United States (Knoxville, TN).  The culture of the Fort deviates from the norm.  There is room for a lot of comedy to be pulled out of this countercultural pocket.


7 Second Promo

I wanted to see how quickly I could convey the general weird mood of the show without getting too specific.  Fortbear would use a lot of hip hop as transition and background music, as well as promos like this and the intro sequence.


character aesthetics

Some of the aesthetics were inspired by the "laziness" of Southpark and the roughness of Squidbillies. It really came down to appropriately describing the nature of the Fort and the personality of the characters visually.  I didn't want the characters to ever be stagnant.  Lines and textures used to make up them constantly change nearly every frame. 


Background design

When designing the backgrounds for scenes, I wanted something that would capture the mood of the historic Fort Sanders neighborhood in the state it is now.  The old Victorian houses have been split up into apartments and have experienced generations of reckless college kids over the years.  With this treatment that the entire neighborhood has received over the years, there is much to be improved upon.  I used actual photographs of the Fort to create the background images. I lowered the opacity of the photos and altered the colors slightly, then created slapdash tracings over the images with bold black lines on a drawing tablet.


Photosphere / 360 Panorama

I also created a 360 panorama drawing of Fortbear in the Fort as I would imagine him. If you click this image, it will bring you to a 360 degrees view of the panorama on Google+.


Fortbear Intro Sequence

For the intro sequence, I wanted to make an extended theme song.  Once I made the song, I decided to create an animated intro that would be a couple minutes long.  It could be shortened for future use with the actual show, but at this length it could serve as a promotional music video.