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I was hired by Ralos Energy in April 2016. They were a small home improvement company focused on selling residential solar installations. They needed a marketing department and I became the visual side of it. By Fall 2016, the owners of Ralos Energy started a second company called Ralos Comfort that would specialize in HVAC systems. December of 2017 I was laid off from Ralos Comfort and the owners decided to close the business.



The first task I was given for Ralos Comfort was to create their logo. 

I was tasked with the challenge of appeasing the founders of the new company and being able to take pride in the final result. Ralos Comfort was very focused on customer service and satisfaction. A house worked as an appropriate literal and metaphorical symbol for comfort. The two bands running through it symbolized air conditioning. I put the Ralos Energy sun onto the house to tie the companies together.


hvac pitchbook app


setting us apart from the competition

You would be surprised how few home improvement contractors have organized and designed presentations. This app was designed to streamline the sales pitch from an iPad when the salesperson was at an in-home consultation.



Simple navigation that allows you explore each aspect of your process from signature to installation.



  • Thin line drawn icons that feel friendly and contemporary.
  • Photos of exact products we offer.
  • Los Angeles themed backdrops that relate to the products shown on the page.




System illustrations

These diagrams were integral to completing the sales process. Explaining how the mechanics of the products work as a system is how our salespeople were able to verify themselves as experts to the consumer and close deals.



I designed tri-folds, postcards, and door-hangers for our sales and canvassing teams. These were to advertise and sell solar and cool roof. Most of our sales staff was bilingual and many of our customers were Spanish speakers so it was important to have English and Spanish designs.


Home page // introducing the company | contact form.

  • Strong background video showing the installation team at work.
  • Brief company story of how Ralos Comfort was founded.
  • 5 major products. 
  • Licenses, insurance, peace of mind.
  • Contact form that goes to lead gen team.


Individual product pages // video of our installations | product information.

  • Video of Ralos installing the page's product.
  • Low-key "LA" feel background video.
  • Product information / points of sale.




Social media posts


Misc. Print design