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I was hired by Ralos Energy in April 2016. They were a small home improvement company focused on selling residential solar installations. They needed a marketing department and I became the visual side of it. By Fall 2016, the owners of Ralos Energy started a second company called Ralos Comfort that would specialize in HVAC systems. December of 2017 I was laid off from Ralos Comfort and the owners decided to close the business.





Initially at Ralos Energy, our sales team was receiving it's leads from door to door canvassing. The appointments that the canvassers set up were often unreliable. Home owners would cancel last minute or not be home at the scheduled time.



Create a memorable "appointment card" that would encourage the customer to leave it sitting out somewhere where they would see it. A card that would intrigue their housemates or guests and perhaps spread brand awareness. I designed a card die-cut so that it would fold out into a house with solar panels.


customer thank you cards

In my down time at work, I used excess materials to create designs that I thought might be special. These thank you cards led to a few return customers.


Business cards

We experimented with different paper stocks at first with our business cards. I pushed for environmental friendly recycled paper to compliment our role in the solar industry.


Marketing materials

Marketing materials

I designed tri-folds, postcards, and door-hangers for our sales and canvassing teams. These were to advertise and sell solar and cool roof. Most of our sales staff was bilingual and many of our customers were Spanish speakers so it was important to have English and Spanish designs.



I made a whole slew of casual designs for T-shirts to wear around the office. These were the designs and colors that we selected after polling what everyone wanted. They weren't my favorite but I like a couple of them.

I created these Star Wars themed Ralos Energy shirts for one of the owner's birthdays. Obviously, he is a big Star Wars fan.


Pitch book

Our sales people had their own pitch binders that went along with their personalized sales pitches. But we wanted a book that briefly described all of the products we offered and legitimized the company. We collected real photos of our real coworkers and I designed a clean picture book to introduce our company to potential customers.


print advertisements