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When I graduated college I had to face designer reality; I couldn't only make work about me anymore. That wasn't going to pay the bills. I missed the feedback, encouragement, engagement, and thrill of critique in academia. Social media was the place for my personal curiosities could go up on display for an audience.


Ten Second TV

Ten Second TV was a late-night style show on Snapchat.

I was the host of the show, interviewed guests, created the theme song and many of the segment theme songs/animations, assisted in animating and editing other segments, edited the final cut before upload, created promos and advertisements, and managed the cast of the show.

We created 6 episodes for a first season and have gone on hiatus. It's unclear whether we will return.

Here you can see a reel of some of my work on the show, or you can watch full episodes on the Ten Second TV Youtube account.



Youtube Thumbnails

I invested a lot of time into making Youtube tutorials, reviews, and some other random videos. A good chunk of them revolved around Snapchat, since that is my favorite social media platform and the one I want to continue to grow a following with.


Reach a larger audience and migrate new viewers to my Snapchat account.


Create informative videos that help Snapchat users solve problems on the app and impress their friends with lesser known tricks or "hacks". At the same time, it is important to be both entertaining and directly to the point so the viewer is engaged and treated like their time is valuable.


The most popular video has 181,000 views and is still growing. At the height of my Youtube activity, I was recieving 50-100 new adds per day on Snapchat. Now, I haven't uploaded to Youtube in some time and the number of adds per day is closer to 20.



Alex Jones Gif

I do live gaming streams on I get to design my own emoticons, or "emotes" as they are called on Twitch. These, along with fake sponsors and weird gifs, are usually inspired by inside jokes.

Twitch Emotes.png